ISEA MEMBER/andum and LEGISLATIVE NEWS BRIEFSVital news supplements that keep you up to date on state employment news.

LOBBYING - The ISEA lobbying team represents your concerns before the Indiana Legislature and the U.S. Congress. ISEA lets your voice be heard by the elected officials and political appointees who make decisions about your job. ISEA lobbyists work in the State House, and ISEA's Legislative Liaison Program puts legislators in contact with state employees in their home districts.

ISEA CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS - ISEA members are entitled to participate.

ISEA DELEGATE ASSEMBLY - ISEA members are eligible to be voting delegates at the Indiana State Employee Association's Delegate Assembly (convention).

REPRESENTATION - ISEA protects your right to fair treatment and a safe, secure job. They can help resolve many problem, including lost pay -if necessary, legal defense is provided.

POLITICAL ACTION - ISEA's informs you of which political candidates are pro state employee; this is based on their responses to important issues. It alsosupports their campaigns with voluntary membership contributions.

AFFORDABLE GROUP HOME, AUTO AND RENTERS INSURANCE - A group program with the MetLife Insurance Company.

GUARANTEED INCOME INSURANCE - A group program with Pennsylvania Life Insurance.  (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)

LEGAL SERVICE - A group program with LegalShield & IDShield gives access to top attorneys to all anytime!

CATASTROPHIC HEALTH CARE - A group program with Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Company. By using these group programs, ISEA helps state employees save money on their costly insurance bills and legal services, as well as giving them an opportunity to be confident of a stable income when accidents on or off the job occur.

CAR RENTAL DISCOUNTS - National Car Rental.

ACCIDENTAL DEATH INSURANCE - Being an ISEA member you receive $13,000 accidental death insurance coverage. It applies whether you are on or off the job, at home or away; it also covers partial benefits for dismemberment not resulting in death.

EMPLOYEE PURCHASE PROGRAM -  Purchasing Power helps you buy items you need now and pay over time, right from your bank account.  No credit check. Fixed payments. No hidden fees.

For additional information on any of the above, please contact ISEA by one of the following:

Telephone: 317-353-8675 Fax: 317-353 -8679 Email:

LegalShield For:

Indiana State Employees Association

Administered by:

Company Overview

A Large group legal plan provider Provides services to State Employees at leading organizations participating attorneys in all 50 states

and U.S. territories

What Is Legal Shield?

Voluntary benefit offered to Indiana StateEmployees

Association employees who can enroll to have their personal legal needs handled

Cost is only $15.94 per month Attorney on retainer

Why Choose a LegalPlan?

71% of U. S. families experienced a legal problem in the past year - Study by American Bar Association*

Problems are not addressed for 2 primary reasons:

Don’t know how to find an attorney Fear the cost

• Benefits

o Affordable

o Convenient (payroll deducted or direct payment)

o Provides peace of mind

* Public Perceptions of Lawyers Consumer Research Findings, Section of Litigation, American Bar Association April 2002.


Wills and Codicils, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills

Living Trust – No Tax Planning, Deeds, Adoption

Uncontested Guardianship, Name Change, Document Review

Bankruptcy/Wage Earner Plans, Debt Collection Defense

Identity Theft Defense, Tax Audits Defense

Consumer Protection Matters, Immigration Assistance

Traffic Tickets, Driving Privileges Restoration,

Promissory Note, Demand Letters,

Unlimited Telephone & In-Office, Consultations on other personal legal issues


Sale of your Primary Residence

Purchase of your Primary Residence

Refinance Primary Residence, Home Equity Loans

Eviction Defense, Landlord/Tenant Problems (Tenant only)

Mortgage/Deed of Trust, Boundary or Title Disputes

Zoning Applications, Property Tax Assessment

Civil Litigation Defense, Juvenile Court Proceeding

Additional Features

No waiting periods, No co-pays

No limitations:

Page limits, Number of documents

Number of phone calls or office visits

Just Pennies a Day

One low payment covers you, your spouse and dependents

Cost: $15.94 per month

Savings provided by LegalShhield

Typical Family Savings for Basic Legal Needs

Wills for Employee and Spouse $600.00

Medical Powers of Attorney $100.00

Sale or Purchase of Home $750.00

Traffic Ticket Defense $200.00  --  $1,650.00

Legal Plan Enrollment - $XX.xx / per Month $XXX.xx

Total Savings $XXXX.xx

Choice of Attorneys


• More than 10,000 Plan Attorneys nationwide

• Average 25 years of legal experience

• Meet stringent selection criteria


• Choose your own attorney

• Receive reimbursement according to a fee schedule

Call LegalShield at 1-800-624-7757

Monday through Friday

8 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Eastern Time)

It’s Easy to Use

You’ll speak to a highly trained

Client Service Representative who

listens carefully answers your questions

helps you find the right lawyer

Quality Service Always

Summary of Key Points


1. Full representation in court for most personal legal services

2. Telephone advice and office consultations for an unlimited

number of matters.

3. Covers Employee, Spouse and Dependents.

• Easy to use

1. Client Service Center 1-800-624-7757

2. Log onto our website

3. No in network claim forms

4. Freedom of choice

• Affordable

1. $15.94 per month = pennies a day

Instant Online Access

More information about the program is instantly at your

fingertips when you visit the Hyatt Web Site. Just log on to: and enter password MetLaw

Instant Online Access

More information about the program is instantly at your

fingertips when you visit the Hyatt Web Site. Just log on to: and enter password MetLaw

Instant Online Access

More information about the program is instantly at your

fingertips when you visit the Hyatt Web Site. Just log on to: and enter password MetLaw