ISEA MEMBER/andum and LEGISLATIVE NEWS BRIEFSVital news supplements that keep you up to date on state employment news.

LOBBYING - The ISEA lobbying team represents your concerns before the Indiana Legislature and the U.S. Congress. ISEA lets your voice be heard by the elected officials and political appointees who make decisions about your job. ISEA lobbyists work in the State House, and ISEA's Legislative Liaison Program puts legislators in contact with state employees in their home districts.

ISEA CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS - ISEA members are entitled to participate.

ISEA DELEGATE ASSEMBLY - ISEA members are eligible to be voting delegates at the Indiana State Employee Association's Delegate Assembly (convention).

REPRESENTATION - ISEA protects your right to fair treatment and a safe, secure job. They can help resolve many problem, including lost pay -if necessary, legal defense is provided.

POLITICAL ACTION - ISEA's informs you of which political candidates are pro state employee; this is based on their responses to important issues. It alsosupports their campaigns with voluntary membership contributions.

AFFORDABLE GROUP HOME, AUTO AND RENTERS INSURANCE - A group program with the MetLife Insurance Company.

GUARANTEED INCOME INSURANCE - A group program with Pennsylvania Life Insurance.  (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)


CATASTROPHIC HEALTH CARE - A group program with Colorado Bankers Life Insurance Company. By using these group programs, ISEA helps state employees save money on their costly insurance bills and legal services, as well as giving them an opportunity to be confident of a stable income when accidents on or off the job occur.

CAR RENTAL DISCOUNTS - National Car Rental.

ACCIDENTAL DEATH INSURANCE - Being an ISEA member you receive $13,000 accidental death insurance coverage. It applies whether you are on or off the job, at home or away; it also covers partial benefits for dismemberment not resulting in death.

GREAT WAY TO SAVE:   Buy most anything using program discounts, with biweekly payments and no interest.

For additional information on any of the above, please contact ISEA by one of the following:

Telephone: 317-353-8675 Fax: 317-353 -8679 Email: